We sell quality-building materials at affordable prices.

We are manufacturers and traders of various building materials. We have invested in many factories in China manufacturing Tiles, Building glass, Paint, Aluminum Fabricated Window frames etc.

We provide complete solutions to Builders, Architects and cater to Building Material Wholesalers.

  Porcelain Tiles
  Ceramic Wall Tiles
  Waist Tiles
  Vitrified Tiles
  Crystal Glass Mosaic
  Normal Glass Mosaic
  Porcelain Mosaic
  Polished Glazed porcelain tiles
  Decorative pictures tiles
  Tiles with Golden /Silver, Glazed Porcelain Floor Tiles

 Building Glass for commercial buildings and residence
  Heat Treated Glass
  Insulating Glass
  Laminated Glass
  Enameled Tempered Glass
  Toughened Triplex Hollow Glass
  Heat Bent & Bent and laminated Glass
  Pattern Glass: Aqualite, Grain , Rich , Chinchill , Oceanic , Plait , Rose , Hundred Fu , Moru II, Purple Lilac, Kasumi , Longcross , Nashiji , Squares, Mislite, Buzzle , Raindown I , Gingoshi , Masterlinge , Winer ,Net.

  Other Building Materials
   Aluminum Composite Panels – 3MM & 4MM with Various colors
  MDF Boards
  Fully Assembled Aluminum Window frames
  PVC pipes and fittings
  Kitchen & toilet accessories (chrome plated, gold plated)
  Gypsum board
  Wooden floors and wooden tiles
  Electrical fittings
  Lamp shades
  Door Locks and Handles (Hardware)