Home Appliances ( OEM/ Components Sourcing)
  OEM/ Components Sourcing
  Micro Wave Oven
  Sandwich Toaster
  Pop-up Toaster
  Induction Cooker
  Rice Cooker
  Hand Blender
  Hand Mixer
  Coffee Makers
  Electric Kettles
  Kitchen Hoods
  Mini Refrigerator
  Vacuum Cleaner
  Steam Irons
  Bath Tub Massager
  Hair Dryer
  Shavers- Men and Ladies Shaver
  Lint Remover

  Home furniture- Dinning tables, chair, desk, Computer desks, Shelves, Beds, Bunker beds etc.
  Office furniture- Executive Chairs, table etc, office shelves

  Home Furnishing
   Bed –Linen
  Pillow Cases
  Table Cloths
  Table Mats
  Table Napkins
  Sofa Covers
  Sofa Throws
  Kitchen Towels
  Bathroom Towels

  We sell DVD Players as CBU and SKD basis.
  We can supply DVD Players with following features. Please choose feature required by you.
  DVD/VCD/CD/DIVX/MP4/MP3/AC3/5.1 or 2.1/karaoke/Video Games one or two ports/SCART/USB/VGA/Optical Jack/Component Jack
  Available Size: 430x33mm, 430x38mm, 360x33mm, 360x38mm, 225x38mm, 250x55mm, 250x48mm, 340x40mm,etc.
  Color: Buyer can choose three colors in one 20’ container Red, blue, white, pink or any other available color.
  CBU Packing details: One DVD Player in each gift box
  Carton: Five gift box in one carton
  Minimum order: 1 FCL (+/-2000 pcs)

  Audio and Video (OEM)
  CRT TV Normal Flat ( SKD/CBU)
  CRT TV Pure Flat ( SKD/CBU)
  Plasma TV
  Mini combo music system- DVD/SVCD/DVCD/CD/CD-R/VCD/MP3

 Personal Audio Video (OEM)
  MP3 Players
  MP4 Player
  DVD/TV Combo Player
  Sun glass with MP3 player
  Video Games